The End in Chaos is a terrible place. Due to a glitch, the platforms to the end spawned ~800 blocks from the end, and as such The End is inaccessible to non-donators. (Except in one case involving the griefing of The MoonPatch).

Chaos 1.1Edit

In Minecraft version 1.1 The End was conquered by Greed and Siilis108. After the 1st entry they fell back due to the 8 enderdragons who kept coming back. After the retreat, ASN let Siilis108 teleport everyone who wanted to The End and joined in himself. The battle kept going for 2 hours and finally, the players killed the last dragon.

Chaos 1.2.5Edit

In Minecraft version 1.2.5 The battle for The End was fought by Roqual, TheGemms, and Taishiryu. The three of them destroyed the pillars and killed the dragon in one epic battle.

After the battle, The End was claimed in the name of EPIC and CMC. They maintain (poorly) the End spawn, which is situated inside The Cowpatch.

After Chaos 1.2.5Edit

The End will not be returning to Chaos or ASS after 1.2.5 due to problems with balance (as players can hide items there with little or no fear of it being stolen.

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