The Day of liberation actually refers to a period of 2 days starting on June 28th, 2012 and ending on June 29th, 2012 . It involved collaborative efforts between several clans, notably E.P.I.C. and SAUCE. The event revolved around the total destruction and extermination of The Brotherhood and it's leaders. This brutal attack on ASSN may well have been the largest skirmish that Chaos 1.2.5 has seen.

Involvement by PlayerEdit

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  • Secretly followed jboy from spawn to the entrance of his secondary hideout
  • Mined three days around this hideout
  • Located jboy's portal at this hideout
  • Found and stole jboy's battle potions chest just behind this portal and behind "unmined" iron ores.
  • Found and stole jboy's potion laboratory supplies that were hidden 10m away from the first chest
  • Found and destroyed jboy's nether ward farms on the other end of the portal and 5m from the portal
  • Found and stole jboy's quickdump chest with several goodies 10m away from the portal
  • Joined xXPeanutBrainXx to search for hidden chests in the raided ASSN base
  • Liberated everything from jboy's legendary chests, leaving only 1 DIAMOND HOE and leaving the sign "Hope this hoe serves you well, may it feed your hunger" (exact quote needed). The chest contained 6 diamond armors, several of jboy's so called "godswords" (in fact only 1 lvl25 pvp sword that was stolen from Taishiryu and some mediocre swords), 20 gold blocks, two dozen potions, brewing supplies, diamond tools,...)


  • Found the ASSN base together with BBQ
  • Griefed and TNT'd the ASSN base
  • Led Taishiryu to the ASSN base
  • Noticed a strange "TETRIS" pattern of iron ores on the floor of the cave that ends up in the ASSN base, 30 blocks from the base itself.
  • Concluded that this shape does not occur naturally in chaos
  • Discovered jboy's legendary chests underneath the iron ores
  • Assisted in the squirmish at spawn that led to the death of monmon123 and Jboy6281



  • Weakened and demoralized Jboy6281 in the week up to the Day of Liberation with repeated killings
  • Ate cookies
  • Watched the whole thing happen
  • Missed 90% of the real action
  • Is now a sad cow


  • Weakened and demoralized Jboy6281 in the week up to the Day of Liberation with repeated killings
  • Found and assisted in the repeated killings of Jboy6281 and Monmon123 after the inital cleansing
  • Led Dehaj in the defence of an innocent bystander's base under ASSN attack


  • Tracked down and murdered Monmon123, liberating a diamond set, and in excess of 20 diamonds
  • defended a bystander's base

Supplies LiberatedEdit

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Item Amount
Diamonds 35
Iron ingots 48
Diamond swords 13
Diamond armor (set) 7
Potions (assorted) 33
Gold ingots 168
Diamond Pickaxe 7
Other tools (iron +) 8 (excl. diamond hoe)

Lapis (ore)

Netherwart 320
Iron armor (set) 2
Bows (Enchanted)



Inside of Moonshroom base exists a monument in memorial of Jboy6281. The centerpiece is of course a chest containing one of his diamond hoes, his rotten remains, and his iron helmet.

2012-07-01 00.25.21

Comprised of 9 diamond blocks,46 gold blocks, 78 iron blocks, and 60 Lapis blocks

Trivia and other factsEdit

  • Sometime after the battle, Jboy6281 made an alternate account "Jbboy6281". the account was warned, kicked twice, and banned. The purpose of the account was unknown.
  • The impromptu alliance of Sauce and E.P.I.C. created the most powerful clan yet seen in Chaos 1.2 .