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The Brotherhood is a clan of well seasoned assassins that terrorize Chaos and try to aspire to the goal of the strongest clan.


1.0 - Before the clanEdit

During this time the clan leader, jboy6281, was a high ranking member of the infamous Gloov clan, and helped him in many of his ordeals. During this time period a Massive war breaks out between the Gloov clan and the Cowmen. After many battles the powerful cowmen eventually win, and the Gloov clan's army is scattered throughout chaos. After this time period the infamous Gloov clan leader (MrGloover) is never seen in Chaos, except for a few sporadic moments.

1.2.5 - A New BeginningEdit


Just Do It.

After many of the Gloov's army scattering, one of his most predominant members (jboy6281) builds The Brotherhood from the remenants of the destroyed clan. During this time the clan try's to aspire to power, but many spy's from the cowmen clan make there efforts futile. After many provocations by the cowmen, the brotherhood angrily go to war agains them, and after many battles inevitably succumbs to the power of the clan and loses the war. Although the war was lost, the clan still survived and made new bases and found many other people to help the cause.

1.2 - Current DayEdit

Today, the brotherhood clan is a predominant clan in the chaos society. Well, not anymore. The clan was destroyed after a week of plotting and a day of action by Cowman Hitsuharu, Shrooman TheGemms, Warrior Taishiryu, FondofCocks BBQ, and Peanut xXPeanutbrainXx.

Side note- [ASSN] Is now a globaly hated clan, by all non memebers, its leaderhip is falling apart, and people are deserting like crazy.


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