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Quick summaryEdit

Taishiryu 1
  • Hardened by the brutalities of several chaos' worlds, he now solely resides in survival.
  • Enjoys creating redstone traps.
  • The only known man to optimally combine swords, bows, potions and trap laying in real time combat situations.
  • Quickly gets irritated when confronted with stupidity.
  • Enjoys laying traps in raided bases or blowing them up with tnt, reference: Base destructions
  • Focuses on PVP, combat strategies and building in survival

Feats Edit

  • Near non-stop number one in the clan ranking system since its introduction, only bested by TheGemms for a while.
  • Once ate a flan using only a guitar pick live on teamspeak whilst in a hotel room in Brazil, was rewarded with bronze donator status.
  • Creator of the neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong cannon in chaos.

Questionable feats Edit

  • Created two independant templates for an ungriefable base.
  • The only one who ever breached the no-build zone around chaos spawn, claiming Roqual's air balloon as his new home.
  • Lame sense of humour

Quotes Edit

  • Guys, we have a problem: the pick was lost to the flan!
  • A trade is the one thing that should never get interupted, anything else should end up in the to-the-death battle.
  • Hey, do you want to form a team? Yes? Great! Can you send me the coords of your base please? :)
  • All warfare is based on deception (Sun Tzu)