Snowcap is a town in Towns founded by Pedobear in the beta 1.6-1.7 era of the server, making it one of the older towns on the map. The design and layout of Snowcap feels similar to that of a Alpine-Swiss town that makes you feel warm and welcome.

Building space in Snowcap is somewhat limited, as it is confined by oceans of ice and surrounded by mountains.

Snowcap features many businesses and places of commerce for the average Minecraftian to shop and enjoy. Remarkable businesses include: Shorsand Supplies (located near Shorsand's house) Bennet's Shop (located near Bennet's house) Skillchickenz75's Shop (located behind Chickenous Manor) Lazerman's Mob Shop, otherwise known as Snowcap Black Market (located on the town square). These shops ensure that you always have what you need during your stay at Snowcap, for a price..

Snowcap has a mysterious history. Many strange and queer happenings have gone on there and may still be going on.

2012-06-13 18.39.05

The mayor Shorsand's house.

2012-06-13 18.36.59

Chickenous Manor. Created by Bennetg14 and Skillchickenz75

2012-06-13 18.38.59

Lazerman's Mob Shop.