The Story of TanovaEdit

A man sat in the wilderness. Thinking to himself. What am I going to do? There is n o wher e for me to go... Nothing for me to do... I don't even have a job! How am I going to feed my family? *Sigh*...

  • Detective Skill
  • Skillchickenz75
  • drawn by skill
I need to find a job, but I have already looked all over town! Well...

I never actually been  outside of town. I gathered my belongings and headed to the Desert. The sand beneath my feet is smooth. Within an instant I have gone beyond the point of no return. There is no life anywhere... I don't even see  town. My knees begin to buckle from exuastion. I collapse to the ground. There is no reason to continue. I am going to die. There is nothing out here but Mirages! No... Wait. It can't be. There is a large building directly in front of m y face... I slowly climb to my feet. The automated door goes through several locks before it opens. Then I am hit with a blast of cool air. There is a receptionist insi de, I ask her where I am. She smiles and says "Welcome to Tanova Testing Facilities" Before I could say another word she says "Oh by the way we are hiring." She slides a nametag across the desk. It is blank. It was then that I realized. What is my name? I... I don't rememb er. I put on the blank nametag and follow he down the hallway into a large office the kind that a manager would have. A man l ooks up from the desk. He smiles and the next words tha t come out of his mouth is what shocks me the most. He says " We have been expecting you" I am tasked with retrieving a wild chicken from the forest nearby. It doesn't seem that hard. I stalk this one chicken who stands out to me. He just seems... like the right one. So one day I chase him down and scoop him up in my bag. The bag thrashes wildy. Then after a short struggle the chicken is knocked out cold. I return to Tanova with the chicken and put it on the managers desk. Something pricks my arm and I'm out cold. I wake up in a white room. I look to my side and I am speechless. In the room next to me there is the chicken. I understand whats going on now. The room begins to shake as the massive machinery is fired up. Fear rises up inside me as I realize what they are going to do to us. I look at my arm. What ever they pricked me with was still there. It was a dart... I gripped the dart with both of my hands and pulled it out. it was bloody. I turned to the chicken and said "I'm so sorry I couldn't save you..." The tip of the dart slid slowly through the flesh on my temple. I was in excruciating pain. When it was in a good amount I then quickly hammered the rest in with my fist. I dropped to the floor, dead. The machine went off with a large flash. But this wasn't what I was expecting... I open my eyes once more... amazed that i am not dead. but when I look down... I am terrified. I am... Half Chicken... and half man. I grew furious and then I glared at the glass observing window above me. The scientists were celebrating. With a strength that I have never known before, I broke through the blast proof glass and bashed in both of the scientist's heads with one wing. When I got out of the facility I realized that there is no turning back now. I walked off into the sunset with hopes of finding somewhere new.

Server Acomplishments

  • Was part of the town of Molehaven in Chaos Beta 1.6 / 1.7 .
  • Was part of the town Insomnia Island on the Chaos Beta 1.8 temp map.
  • Was the first out of the large generation of players to be promoted to the Moderator rank.
  • Was promoted to the Moderator rank around October 2011.
  • BukkitProfilePic

    Skill escaping the nether on his Megahorse.

    Is the founder of Silverstone in Towns.
  • Is known for almost becoming an Admin 7 times.
  • Is a plugin developer for the server.
  • Has supervised over 300 building projects.
  • Was dubbed the nickname Detective Skill.
  • Found the sponge when no one else could.
  • Was part of the DWA (Diggers With Attitude)