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(A) Silver ServerEdit

  • A Silver Server is a small server with a great community and several worlds offering a lot of different ways to play.
  • Each world has it's own rules and style of play.
  • You will spawn in the Hub.
  • From there, you can go to the following worlds using /worldname:
    • Freebuild - plot based world where players can build using spawned items
    • Survival - play Minecraft how it was meant to be played
    • Chaos - vanilla-ish hardcore PVP
    • Minigames - minigames like splegg / splurge, spleef, and hide and seek (prop hunt)
    • Towns - group project full of different and interesting towns and places
    • Creative - explore creative builds too big for Freebuild
  • Although players can explore all worlds, players must get permission from ASN to build in Towns or Creative.

Random StatsEdit

Created: 01 April 2011 (Although there was a Classic server before that).

Highest number of players on at once: 45

Hosted on: Owner's home computer, North East England


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