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Previously: Pedobear

Pedobear joined A Silver Server in June of 2011 hoping to troll and grief the server. His goals changed after being chased down by two diamond armor bearing ruffians. After that, he soon met a member known as KatNotDinner, who was his first friend. They cooperated for a decent amount of time, slowly building up resources and constantly dying. After that, they parted ways. Pedobear set off on an adventure through cratered and marred Chaos. During this adventure, night had befallen him, and he sought shelter in what looked a habitable town. He was completely wrong. It turned out to be a zombie-infested hellhole called 'Molehaven'. It was far from a haven, as he fought through the mass of zombies, he noticed there were many signs saying "Zombies! Keep out!" everywhere in the town. This piqued his curiousity, and she ventured deeper in the town.

After eradicating many of the zombies, he called out to the members of ASS "Hey, I discovered some abandoned town." "What's it called?" one of the members asked. "I don't know, but there's a lot of signs saying stuff about zombies and 'keep out'." "Oh my God, that's Molehaven."

Soon afterwards, many members queried him as to where the town was located. He divulged the location of the town to some of his more trusted acquaintances, and soon the town started booming. As it turned out, the town was created by the server's creator, ASN, and a few others. It was then griefed by griefers and infested with zombies. Pedobear thought to himself "We should rebuild this town!" and apparently, these thoughts ran true. The town was rebuilt. It stayed like that for many a days until some griefer stumbled upon it while no one was guarding it and destroyed most of it. This cycle continued many times until the town was finally abandoned by all who defended it. Even Pedobear. Though the town had a vicious cycle, it brought many friendships and fun times to the server.

This is how Pedobear became a popular member.

Shorsand is a very egotistical person, so egotistcal in fact that he decided to create his own goddamn wiki page, and write a story on how he became a popular member of ASS.

Shorsand is the founder of the town in Towns, Snowcap.

Shorsand joined the server as Pedobear (as mentioned above) and went through many months of the server being known as that, while also being known as a female. The female part was to add to the 'pedoness' of the Pedobear. It was later revealed that Pedobear had a ballsack, and went on living as so. The name Shorsand arose because Pedobear wanted to buy Minecraft. Obviously, the name Pedobear would be taken, so he formulated an idea to create a name that would kind of not really make sense. He would take the first letter name of some of his closest friends on the server and brandish a name from that. Some of the members making up the name include: ASN, Hitsuharu, Mr. Blue Slime, ShaneFromWales, Skillchickenz75, and several others.

Shorsand was part of the well-known Chaos clan, The Cowmen. This lasted for a few weeks until 1.1 when he was kicked out for suspicion of treason due to the fact that The Cowmen's base was blown up by TNT. It is unsure if he actually did it, but Hitsuharu still holds it towards him. After being left out of The Cowmen, he quit the server for some time due to boredom. He later joined to find things such as 'clans' on the server. He was later taken back into The Cowmen, but only for a short time. After that, a member of The Cowmen tracked him down and attempted to kill him. This was avoided because Shorsand knew the strategies of The Cowmen. Later on Shorsand made his own clan called 'Novum Ignis' or 'The New Fire'. It was short lived, and no one else joined the clan besides him because he's a crappy leader. Shorsand's reign of Chaos ended, finally, after being attacked on all fronts by all people in Chaos.. He then left the server and did not join for quite some time.

Shorsand has since resurfaced in the server, and is now waiting for ASN to put of 4th world (2012 Survival), where he hopes that his reign will continue again.. Alone, or not...

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