A town in Towns located near the city of Atlantis.

Originally built by Mweh and Will036.

Rediscovered around 1.1 by ASN and updated by Bluerov3125, EternalToast and Zanthias. This included adding an arena.

Updated in May 2013 (1.5.2) by ASN, goofradema, iskiran, berrys, The_MonkeyFace, and a few others. A backstory was also added: as the arena was removed but looked like ruins, ASN decided that the town was formerly a medieval town that has since become more of a port town.

In May of the same year, Mtndewy heavily added on to the town. Adding a boardwalk, market, music shop, restaurant, and indoor shipyard.

Portside is the home of the first Creeperhead Bar and Grille location, which is the restaurant built by Mtndewy during the town's rapid expansion.