General InformationEdit

Created on 12 Aug 2012 in Chaos 1.3 by ASN, then shortly after, joined by yakee.

Approximate Coordinates: 0,-700

Inspired by Molehaven, the town was set up as a safe haven in the middle of Chaos where players, irrespective of their clans, could come and res or build together. There would be no killing or griefing inside the town.

Add your own part of the story. I've only added a vague outline of it.

ASN built the walls to the building at first just to be made wider by yakeefan1a. yakeefan1a would spread the word about the town until he got bored with it leaving it to ASN to do.

isk set up a farm and kept animals.

jberra99 built a watchtower in the centre of the town.

Greed and Kat had a few fights between each other outside the town walls.

The town attracted a lot of players, and a set of group photos were taken by ASN. This is believed to be the biggest gathering of players in the same place in Chaos ever on the server.

Greed set off TNT during a second round of group photos, which prompted the town to kill him on sight.

m42lom and m42low eventually killed Greed, but not after Greed had taken many townspeoples lives.

Town HistoryEdit

On the 12 of august 2012, yakee was getting bored of the new chaos so he suggested to ASN that he should make a town like, some other players did with Molehaven. his inspirtaton for this was all of the killigns and mean thigns that were going on. they both wanted a place where everyone would be peaceful and nice. after a quick /msg interview with ASN, they both agreed it needed to be done. ASN would soon find the the spot where the town would be placed. yakeefan1a would ask other members of the server to join the town saying "i am being forced to write this so yeah, your invited to the town of chaos, come if you want". ASN

2012-08-12 20.58.36

Rare Photo of Greed in front of Oasis 5 minutes before he had died.

shortly after ASN responded to yakee and said " i think i have found the spot". the town was only 25 blocks of cobble at first but then others started coming and adding to it. all the other players said in the group picture (taken by ASN), that it was finally starting to feel like Molehaven again, other than KatNotDinner who said it wasnt to which greed replied " lol kat is so butthurt". exactly right before the group photo greed set off TNT and also flowed lava down into the city. Nothing was harmed in the end though. Greed was a well known killer of the people in Oasis, he was fought for the whole day. but at 9:12 PM the player m42lom and m42low would have killed greed.