Loki was a player who had been playing in the 1.1 days of the server. He was notorius for becoming an OP in only a week. Many players complained about his behavior saying such things as he was using mods (xray), he was hacking, he griefed, he spawn killed, he was a jerk to people. One day people in the server all around hated loki for his bad behavior and those people tried to go against him and finally tried kill him once and for all (in game).

The legendEdit

....even then they could not succeed with that goal they failed miserably, they put him in lava he would get out, they would shoot arrows at him, he would dodge them. he was the chaos evil king as some have said. one day people got overly sick with the things that he had done like being rude to others, griefing, and supposedly cheating. the people had complained so much that the leader of the server had to deop him but the people were still not satisfyed so in the end because of all the complaining he was banned. he would never return to the server but rumor has it that at the ends of days loki shall come to destroy everything. [Citation Needed]

The battle against Loki.Edit

The battle started at a 1.1 fort called ??!! made by iskiran. Around 10 people, including Loki, were invited to the Church (Talk about tricking the god if trickery) in which they attacked Loki. Even then they could not succeed with that goal, they failed miserably, by killing one of their own after which they thought that the battle was over, but, instead, Loki used the confusion to retreat. After the battle people gathered in the fort and waited for the next battle. Around a hour after that, Loki came back wielding his best weapons he could find in his huge pile of riches that he had gotten from bases and killing people. The battle started, but, when Loki and part of the opposing team were hit by a Poison potion he retreated and led some people, who were injured by the potion, to death by falling inside creeper holes. After that, he came back healed and started the real battle.

the devil of chaos, loki

The end of Lokis terror.Edit

The huge hatred against Loki grew and one day, after a big dispute the leader of the server had to deop him. The people were still not satisfyed so in the end, because of all the complaining, he was banned. After a month of being banned Loki was finally unbanned. He started a new base, but, after transfering his items to his new base, the server crashed and everything he had was lost, he was nothing but a mere mortal now. After seing this, he decided to leave and never come back again. Some say it's the work of Thor, some say it's the work of karma... you decide.

The comeback.Edit

In 1.2.5 (?) Loki came back and joined as a defender of KingdomWar. He helped in a lot of sieges and attacks. But, in 1.3.1 he betrayed his allys and griefed KingdomWars unprotected areas, including illegal griefs, like 1x1 towers. This was enough proof to get him banned again. 


Loki Was Betrayed by taish and greifed kingdomwars and did not break rules but taish banned loki with fake excuses