Western Bandit

An Artistic Representation of the Bandit (imagine with a bow instead of a gun.) Credits to whoever made this.

Laz3rman is other wise known as, Laz, The Bandit, The Bandit of Chaos, The Railway Bandit, The Great Bowman of the North, or The Silverstone Bandit. The Bandit's history is one of pain, glory, power, and betrayal. His story has been written countless times. He is both real and legend. Books have been written of his prowess in combat and of his markmanship with a bow. (Books coming out in 1.3) One of his many feats is escaping capture from the equally legendary Detective Chicken.

Where is he now?Edit

The Bandit is known to live nowhere and everywhere. He is constantly seen on the move. We know he has a house in Snowcap, and formerly Kolmanskop. He also has 2 apartments in both Atlantis and Elysium. His private loft is yet to be uncovered. Recently, he was seen in Chaos hunting noobs with the Brotherhood until he mysteriously died and his items reamin in the depths of the place of nor return.


1.6.6 Nythera and Molehaven.Edit

During early 1.6.6, The great Bandit was alone against the world. He had a mighty castle who's exact location is still unclear some say it is to the north, while some say it was to the east. He mysteriously left his castle for some reason and set out for a voyage to find the magical city, Molehaven. He came to Molehaven whilst it was under attack and helped protect it against enemies with his bowskill. (Read the books if you want to know what really happened in comes out at 1.3)


1.7.3 was the prime of the Bandit's reign of terror. He killed the great ASN, terrorized whole towns, killed millions of people, even today he is wanted in the town of Silverstone, his bounty is immeasurable. The ghosts of whom he killed still haunt Silverstone today.

The Creation of the Maze.Edit

One day, whilst the Bandit was treading upon the land of Creative, he had a sudden urge to build, and he did. He worked for 3 years straight just building it. No breaks, No food, No water, Just plain Determination. Finally it was finished, a place meant to drive people mad. It was told that when there is a special place within the maze, that gave you fame,glory, and power. It will give you whatever you want. It drove people to venture into the maze, and get trapped in its horrible halls. Skeletons have been spotted within the maze and even with the power of flight.. You cannot find the secret passage. Some doubt of its excistence,but we see people today who have ventured into the maze. They claim of the Secret Passage is real. They may or may not have been driven mad by the Maze

1.1 The Brotherhood/Cowmen Wars.Edit

During late 1.1, the Great Bandit, was tired and suffering from the effects of old age (By this time he has lived 3 millenia). He was preyed upon by the ruling power of chaos at the time. The Cowmen. They were led by the Great Hitsuharu, who was trained by the great Taishiryu, who was the only one who have ever bested The Bandit in combat. Even in his weakened state, The Bandit was able to fight off his enemies, but he knew he could not do so for long. Then jboy, leader of the Brotherhood resistance saved the Bandit from the terrible wolves of Black Winter Forest. Jboy taught the Bandit of alchemy. The Bandit then locked himself from the world for 10 years, when he came out he was again as young as he was 2000 years ago which was 1000 years old or for us regular mortals, 21 years of age. When he came out, the war was at its height. The Cowmen have found the general area of the Brotherhood's base. (Cont.. in the books written by laz3rman. 1.3)


It is still unclear how The Bandit, through all his mischief and horror, became a Moderator. It is even more unclear on the certain time period. It is speculated that The Bandit is just an alter-ego of a person, and his real self might actually be nice. It is not yet proven as a fact, but when it is a talk about the Bandit fact and legend are hard to distinguish.


Time with The Silence.Edit

It started out peaceful, it really did. The Bandit was even branch mining in the brotherhood base for he knew that it would not be well to cause war so early in the new world. He needed weapons, arnor, gear, and a bow,but before he was able to get the necessary materials, they were attacked by an opponent that even the Great Bandit feared: Tai. He came with his friend Roq and they poisoned the Great Bandit. The Bandit was greatly weakened after the fight, but his ally, Ludi, took him in. Ludicrous let him into his clan, The Silence. The Bandit greatly enjoyed being within the ranks of such a clan. Specific details on The Silence are still unknown for they are a secretive group, hence the name.

The Civil War.Edit

Turmoil came upon the great land of Towns. The laws were no more. It was pure Chaos. This gave the Bandit, a perfect opportunity to again resume his reign of terror within the land. He burned down Tokyo, found the hidden land of Corruption, destroyed rations, came into battle with his old Clan, and even destroyed his alleged home. He destroyed many cities, even the only hope of a civilization arising from the ashes of what was once a land of prosperity and peace. He turned on his friends, destroying their sources of food, armor, and safety. It is even said that he booby trapped the great city of Snowcap. He was to kill the great ASN, but could not for he fell to the spell of the tail. He was put into a trance, and during this trance he protected the rabbit from all harm. When he woke up from the trance, the Rabbit was gone.

Objects/ Entities commonly associated with the BanditEdit

The Mob Shop The Mob Shop is an expansive shop that sells mob drops. It is said that after you see the Bandit at a town, a Mob Shop will magically appear. This legend is either just that a legend or seems no longer to be true by the time of the gold currency.

Snowcap Black MarketEdit

The Snowcap Blackmarket is a small shop within a house in Snowcap. It sells ALL kinds of items. Keyword. ALL. Yup That is RIGHT. ALL types of things ;) Its stock seems endless. Many say that it is kept in stock by the Bandits mystic power.


The Bandit loves lava. It is believed that he has a large chest full of Lava Buckets. He usually lights rooms with lava. Lava Floor. Lava Ceiling. Lava Walls. Everything... Lava is his friend.. He keeps a bucket of lava by his side at all times.

Known FactEdit

Preface O.K. So this page already has fact. This page is basically fully fact with minor tweaks to make it somewhat more interesting even though it is already interesting enough as the story really is.


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  • Going against Cowmen
  • Killing ASN
  • Terrorizing Silverstone
  • Escaping Silvserstone Jail
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