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TheGemms, Hitsuharu, Taishiryu, The mysterious "fourth Dovah"

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Inner circle

Jberra99, Officer_Perkins, m42Low

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Introduction Edit

KingdomWar was a town in 2012 Survival that strongly focused on PVP and power.

Like the name insinuates, the city is a constant warzone that is either under siege or attacking other cities and/or players. The most peaceful moments appear when the members are too busy with eliminating eachother.

You could compare KindomWar with a guild. A band of people who join together in order to achieve their own goals. That doesn't mean that members won't slaughter eachother, at the contrary even. It will however also mean that any outsider who attacks the city will risk to face a fierce and battle-hardened group.

City Mechanics Edit

  • Apart from private houses or restricted area's, the whole city is PVP enabled.
  • Killing is encouraged, feel free to kill your brother, neighboor or superior. The only exception for this if you are under contract (see below).
  • People can join a military- or civil career in which they can get promoted. Being promoted grants you several benefits.

Contracts Edit

  • KingdomWar members can hire military- or civil KingdomWar members for money.
  • Both members can discuss what kind of job has to be done and how much will be payed for that. The contract is entirely between these two people.
  • When a contract is decided, it should never be broken.
  • Example1: Jos has been mining all day and wants to hire Pol to protect him back to his home. They agree that Jos will pay Pol 2 diamonds after Jos safely made it home.
  • Example2: Pol doesn't like building. He hires JOS to build a house for him according his instructions. They agree that Pol will supply the resources and will pay 500 credits when the house is ready.

Careers Edit

  • Members can start a military-or a civil career in the city.
  • There are 5 military Ranks: Private, Sergeant, Luitenant, captain and commander.
  • There are 5 civil Ranks: Novice, Apprentice, Adapt, Expert and Master.
  • Each rank will give a number of advantages, each higher rank also has the advantages of the lower ranks.

Private/Novice Edit

  • No advantages

Sergeant/Apprentice Edit

  • 25% discount on build permits within the city
  • Access through all city gates
  • Access to watchtowers
  • Can lead Privates/Novices

Luitenant/Adapt Edit

  • 50% discount on build permits within the city
  • Access to safe travel methods
  • Access to restricted area's like farms, enchantment tables, storage space, ...
  • Can lead all lower ranked members of their specific branch (military or civil)

Captain/Expert Edit

  • Full access to the town vault
  • Access to the command/negotiation room

Commander/Master Edit

  • Considered equal to the Dovah's regarding city decisions in their specific branch (military or civil)