Just Do It.

Known as the ArchMaster Assassin. Jboy6281 has been a member of the server since before the 1.7.3 update. Currently is a Moderator and is known for his chaos-orientated playing. Is well known for this work with the making of the famous clan The Brotherhood, which is a league of assassins that terrorize Chaos. His allies are known to be The Bandit (laz3rman) and Master Builder (monmon123).


Many books believe that the clan dates back to before the gloov wars, but most can agree that the clan was formed after 1.7.3. During the Infamous Gloov wars of 1.7.3, where the Gloov clan went to war against The Cowmen Clan. After many massive battles, the cowmen in the end prevailed, and many of the gloov clan-members scattered acroos Chaos. Jboy6281 did not want Gloov's ideals to die, so, in turn, made a new clan of assassins that could one day rule Chaos. Unfortunately, the dominant Cowmen Clan quickly attacked this upcoming clan, and another war arose. After another long battle, The Brotherhood's resources were used up and they lost after a valiant battle. Many updates later, the clan is now a dominant member of chaos, and is generally dominated by the former members of the Cowmen Clan whenever they feel like it.

Recent CombatEdit

Jboy was mouthing off to retired cowmen Hitsuharu and TheGemms while they were in Towns. They warped over to Chaos, and TheGemms dispatched Jboy and his ally (both in iron armor) carrying only a bow, 16 enderpearls, and 32 arrows (no armor, no food) while Hitsuharu watched. This is a true proof of Jboy6281's godly skill in combat.

Most recent was The Day of Liberation, which saw the total destruction of Jboy's clan.