Insomnia Island

A photo of the fun times during Insomnia Island.

The Island was constructed by Goofradema and took place during the Chaos map of the Minecraft update 1.8 and this was also during the time when many temp maps and role play events took place.

Detective Skill Edit

Detective Skill had been the nickname of Skillchickenz75 for a long time before the events on Insomnia Island had taken place. Although he had been dubbed this name long before the island was created, the island acted as a flashback into his past through a role play event that took place over a series of days. The story of Detective Skill began when all the OP's of A Silver Server were called to take a vacation on the lovely resort island called Insomnia Island. Detective Skill had come to the Island with his son, Herpingson, and his son was kidnapped while on the island. With the help of his partner NyannyNyan He managed to retrieve his son from the evil forces on the island. (lol don't remember who took him please add in anything you remember)

The Tale of Hitsuharu Edit

The destruction of Insomnia Island was the beginning of the Legendary Tale of Hitsuharu. He was to travel the world and visit his families to collect the pieces of his legacy armor that his family was buried with. Upon collecting these pieces of armor he would also learn the truth that his real father was Yakeefan1a. Then with the armor set complete Hitsuharu set off to find the legendary city of Mootropolis.