(This page is an unofficial guideline for the suggested style of the pages on this wiki. It contains personal opinions and as such may be deemed as a biased source. Use the advice on this page at your own discretion)

The type of writing used in a wiki follows a fairly specific form. In order for the wiki to have a consistent look and feel, it is imperative that editors of the wiki all follow a consistant style.

Point of ViewEdit

All articles should be written from a third person viewpoint. For example, no personal pronouns (I, me, we, us) can be used. Instead use third person pronouns (he, she, they, it) when discussing a subject. A user should be especially careful of this when editing their player page. It should read as a biography, not an autobiography.

The reader can only be directly addressed in italicized notes at the head of sections. An example of this is the warning at the head of this page.

Wikis are based on facts and information, not personal opinion. An obvious exception to this rule is the role-playing lore created by players to create their own backstory. This should again be written in third person.


(Note that this section lacks insight to the technical formatting of this website. You can help expand this section by adding formatting notes and other information)

Organizing information can be as important as the information itself. Pages should be divided into sections that make the reading easier. An example of suggested format can be seen on the Player List page.

Linking to other articles on the wiki helps to create a concise browsing experiance for the reader. Do so as often as possible, but avoid linking to the same article multiple times in one page.

(This page needs more rules. Expand it by adding or suggesting methods to standardize wiki guidelines.)