• Fort Ferrum, October 28th 2011.
  • Portside of Fort Ferrum, October 28th, 2011
  • Fort Ferrum, February 25th 2012, screenshot taken from the Portside
  • Fort Ferrum, February 25th 2012.
  • Front view of Fort Ferrum, February 25th, 2012.
  • 2nd picture of Fort Ferrum 2012/02/25.

Fort Ferrum was originally started by Siilis108, NyannyNyan, OfficerPerkins and other players of A Silver Server in November, 2011. The only remains of the 1st camp are the old Coal mine and some floating leaves behind the Fort.

The name "Fort Ferrum" was originally from Chaos beta 1.8 where Siilis108, Greed, Luster, skillchickenz75, randomcode9, Shorsand (back then known as Pedobear), Hitsuharu and many many other members of the community shared a base. The base had a Church (made by The Monk named ???) in a cave. This was by far one of the greatest bases the team had made in Chaos, the resources put into building it were enough to feed a family of 7 for an entire year. The team was looking for a name, and, after a few days of mindstorming, the name "Fort Ferrum" came up. The name was thought of after seeing the whole team gathering around in full suits of iron, hence the latin word "Ferrum".

For the first month the area was terraformed and with surprising speed the walls of the main Fort began to grow with the help of its original founders. In December The Lighthouse and the ship near it was added. By this time the only main builder of Ferrum was Siilis108, all other builders we're busy with other projects or were inactive.

In Januray, 2012, the Valley was terraformed and new players started to build houses. In the end of January most of the people who lived in Fort Ferrum were banned for using Xray and having too many accounts on 1 IP.

In February Siilis108 was joined by BBQ and they started building most of the structures that are there at the moment (13/06/2012).

In the next few months they added:

  • A Library (Offering free enchanting table and potion stand)
  • A Pig, Cow, Chicken and Sheep farm.
  • A Shop.
  • A Church.
  • A Graveyard.
  • The Partyship.
  • A Police house and cells.
  • A cobblestone machine (Made by ???)
  • A Hotel (With the help of xXxPeanutBrainxXx, current owner of it)
  • Treefarms
  • Elevation for housing and defense against mobs (name not decided).

In time, Fort Ferrum grew to be one of the most populated and biggest towns in Towns.

Around the time of April, Siilis108 was not able to play anymore, due to problems with his internet connection.

Current owner of Fort Ferrum is BBQ.