Clan diplomacy Edit


Chaos as of June 26th, 2012

Recent Clan Changes Edit

There have been many major changes to the clan structures of chaos recently.

Allies Edit

  • E.P.I.C. and Sauce

Enemies Edit

ASSN and Everyone Else in Chaos.

Arch enemies Edit

Diplomacy discussions Edit

Make a new subtitle for each clan to clan discussion.

The clanmembers can negotiate upcoming peace treaties, threaten with wars or make agreements. Non-clan members can react under it.

Please mention your name after each of your comments.

​The Bandits of Chaos(TBC) - Every clanEdit

  • Can you all enemy me because I can't enemy anyone, since my only members are me,myself, and I. Last time I checked, those were 3 people.. Dang buggy plug in saying i still need 3 people minimum.. Well, enemy me. Peace! (comment by laz3rman)
  • How much I would love to enemy you, my clan only has two members as well..I guess i'll have to invite another newcomer for the time it takes me to enemy you ;) (comment by Taishiryu)
  • Ok.. so this time.. even while we are rivaled.. How about for let's say a week or three take a break from being rivals and have a short alliance and make something like molehaven or something. (comment by laz3rman)
  • Actually, from time to time stuff like that already happens between not-to-unfriendely-parties. For example: TheGemms yesterday initiated the building of "The Chunk" which had anybody online participating. Feel free to just start going online and inviting people, I'm sure many would be interested. (comment by Taishiryu