What happens when two of ASS's most random builders get together with time to kill and resources to burn? Pure awesome, that's what. Timotheus and TheGemms have pledged to spend Chaos creating random structures and works of art amid the destruction. Here is an exhaustive list of their works together.


The Pillar of BoredomEdit

This pillar is a monument to spare time. A 16x16 dirt pillar starting at y=46 and going up to y=125, capped by 15 layers of furnaces. This pillar was built in one day by the dynamic duo on July 4th, assisted briefly by Taishiryu and Hitsuharu.

There was no cheating, the pillar is 100% solid, save for a ladder to get up. Estimated at over 20K dirt, this may be the largest dirt structure ever built in chaos.

Nether DesertEdit

July 5th, 2012 TheGemms began work on creating a desert Biome in the Nether, with some help from Timotheus. The first patch of desert is completed, and even has a little flare from the lapis waterfall and pond that were added to it. It also has a little flare from the Ghasts that constantly interrupt your work in the Nether.

Discussed worksEdit

Note from Timo and Gemms: Please add thoughts or comments in the talk page below, We'd like to hear the communitie's input

  • Inverse pyramid with sand and torches
  • Upsidedown chunk in the sky
  • Mushroom forest
  • GIANT Obsidian Penis built
  • Submarine with an obsidian hull to it.