Founded in Chaos 1.2.5, BRO, or otherwise known as the Brotastic Bro's of Broingham is a Chaos clan designed to uphold the highest tenants of brohood. Being a Bro is all about being a Bro to each and every Bro, in the most Brotastic of ways. Founded by the original Bro, Timotheus, BRO is determined to bring the merithoods of being a Bro, to this Broless Chaos.

Rules of BROEdit

  1. You must always be a BRO to your fellow BROs
  2. Always offer the hand of Bro to those who are not a Bro.
  3. Help those who are in need, unless they despise Bros, in which case, screw them, there are Bro's elsewhere in need.
  4. Each Bro must have his own Brotastic base. We are not a clan about coming together, we are a clan about being Bros, which means each Bro must stand on his own Brotastic feet.
  5. If a fellow Bro has been griefed, he is allowed to stay at another Bros place for two days maximum, until he gets his Bro back together.
  6. Bros are about being Bro, to be a Bro you must be willing to build in Bro projects (come 1.3)
  7. Lady Bro's are called Brah's and are expected to follow all Bro rules, we do not care about gender.
  8. Bros are traders, and unless you have a need for a specific Bro item, you are ALWAYS expected to trade your Bro stuff, for other people on the server who need Bro stuff.
  9. Bros hoard. If you do not keep everything, get the Bro out.
  10. More rules will be Bro'd as I bro think about them.


  • Some other people who may or may not stay come 1.3


Bros do not grief except under the following conditions

  • You were griefed first
  • The person is a terrible person (see jboy)
  • You Bro-grief

Bro-grief is a playful way of griefing. Some examples of bro-griefing

  1. You steal everything they have EXCEPT gold and diamond.
  2. You lay traps in other peoples bases to kill them in there own bases, but leave everything else untouched.
  3. You rearrange there entire living space.

Basically, its to have fun without being harmful, aka, being a BRO.