Originally started by Greed, Wigglezlolz, and Luster in late July, 2011, Chaos Beta 1.6 / 1.7. Later on, in middle August, Siilis108 joined the group. It was a fort of around 50 blocks wide and 80 blocks long. The fort had no walls, but it was around 20-30 blocks high. All the walls were covered in lava, which went around 10 blocks below it. The cellar, after a few breaches by enemys, was lavad and shut down. Finished in September, it stood tall and proud until the end of Chaos. A place of many fights between its owners and griefers. Often griefed everyday, it kept being repaired and the nearest mountain was TNTd to the ground. Most remembarable story can be found on Siilis108 biography.

At one point BastardMan tried to gain the trust of the people of Birchills, and there was a tense moment as he was stood infront of the entrance.