Atlantis is a town in Towns formed, post beta-1.8, on the sea floor near Portside and Nalbina. The city is built on the site of an unfinished city, which consisted of glass walls on the seafloor. Randomcode9 visited these ruins, along with several other moderators one day, and then decided to continue work on the city. After asking ASN for permission to work on the abandoned project, randomcode9 decided the first step would be to finish the walls, put a roof on, drain the water, and then decide where to go from there.

First stage construction and Dome 1Edit

Construction on Atlantis began after the Chaos Beta 1.8, and first involved a complex method of placing glass, and using fences to drain the water from inside the dome. After the first "dome" (note this is not considered part of the official Atlantis dome system, as it's behind a locked door) randomcode9 looked around, decided he didn't like that style of "dome" and proceeded to make a dome shaped semi spherical shaped glass structure beside the "dome" this became the first official dome in atlantis when the area under it was mined out, and a park was made in the glass portion. Uses of Dome 1 and ideas on further domes. Dome 1 was originally going to be what the city was like, a series of small inter-connected domes. This dome served as a practice for other domes, and a sales pitch to other players. However randomcode9 decided to do away with that idea, and make a massive "mega-dome" to house the general population. Dome 1 was then going to be a farm dome, a dome for shops, or housing for the poor. All of these ideas were turned down and dome 1 sat empty for months. Dome 1 is currently home to a large "Uberforge", a fountain that travels from surface through the domes, a walkway to dome 2, a walkway to dome 3, and a connection to the rail station.

Dome 2Edit


Dome 2 was the second dome constructed in Atlantis, the only dome where randomcode9 willingly accepted help from other players to mine and construct the dome (although grudgingly...). Dome 2 was one of the bigger projects to be built underground, if not the biggest. Dome 2 took approximately 2 and 1/2 weeks to mine out, and start housing residents. Randomcode9 received help from bennetg14 in mining the domes interior out, using pistons to move a grass block from the shore, to the top of the dome, and down (not fun at all... Now stop bitching about how ASN takes so long to give you a grass block...) and mining the rooms out, along with creating the stairs and waterfall linking Dome 2 to Dome 1.


Dome 2 is the main housing dome for atlantis. Dome 2 houses all but 3 of the residents (currently) and has a small park like area at the bottom with several trees. Dome 2 also has the main warp for atlantis on a platform high above the ground, several waterfalls coming from the dome, and soon, secret passages to the other domes.

Dome 3Edit

Construction and useEdit

Dome 3 is one of the most unique domes in the city. Dome 3 is not actually a dome in shape, or design. Dome 3 is a rhombus shaped glass structure, mainly consisting underground, but with some water showing at the top. Inside this dome there are 3 house like structures on a raised platform, along with a small park. There are several waterfalls from the platform to the bottom of the dome, and to the temporary entrance to Dome 4. Dome 3 was one of the simplest domes as it is small compared to an average sized dome like Dome 2, or a completely fucktardly large dome like Dome 5.

Dome 4Edit

Dome 4 is the intended dome for the Atlantis parliment, along with several exclusive houses, and offices for some of the many companies in survival. Dome 4 is still under construction, but has been set back due to the difficulty of mining upwards from bedrock level, to the surface. Dome 4 has a glass floor set over the void. This floor was installed by ASN, when randomcode9 asked him to. Dome 4 has a very calm enviorment inside it, due to the lighting and the design of the dome. This dome will be off limits to most people, and only current residents may enter it.

Dome 5


Dome 5 is the current construction project in atlantis. This dome makes all the others look small with it's 16x16x16x16x16x16x16x16, or 16x8 octagonal shape. At the maximum dome is 48 wide, by 48 long. Its total height is unknown at the moment, but penthouse levels are above level 120. The main dome is from level 90, down to level 10. The dome will house a varity of diffrent things, from the only surface acess into atlantis, to the rail lines linking atlantis to other towns.

Levels, In Y Coords What Is On The Level


Penthouses. (2)


Penthouses. (4)


Open air above lobby, possible water feature.




Lobby Level 2.






Rail Station.


Industrial Sector.


Industrial Sector.


Atlantis Core Of Engineers, and Atlantis Home Defence Corps.


Training Grounds, and Shooting Range.

  • Lower Dome 4
  • Upper Dome 4
  • Bennetg14's Waterfall
  • Looking Up
  • Looking down
  • View into Dome 3
  • Old Atlantis, and 1st Dome
  • Main Dome looking in
  • View off dome 5
  • Looking over Greed
  • Looking Up Before Roof
  • Derp While Mining...