The name "Survival" has been given to several worlds on A Silver Server.

Survival was the original name of Towns, until a new world was made which fit the name better:

Created 24 July 2012, codenamed "Ktland", this map was used to test "4th world" game mechanics and offer players a chance for feedback before the real map, however the idea was scrapped and instead ASN would test the world by himself then open it. The map was opened 21nd August 2012 and stayed open until 23 December 2012.

A new world named "Survival" is now open.

General Information - 1st Survival - "4th world" - 2012Edit


  • Normal - 5000x5000 (almost 6 times bigger than Chaos)
  • Nether - 2500x2500 - 1 step in Nether = 2 in Normal
  • End is disabled, ender portals will take you to the Nether


Centre spawn (0, 70, 0) - Can exchange XP for Coins here to buy protection. 1 xp (not xp level) can be sold for 2 credits, enough to protect 2 blocks of land.

  • Red (-1250, 70, 0)
  • Blue (1250, 70, 0)
  • Orange (0, 70, -1250)
  • Green (0, 70, 1250)

You can instantly spawn from each of the five spawns to each other.

Survival used the Residence plugin which was used to buy protected 3D plots of land in the wilderness using Coins.